Fast and the Furious 6 fails to entertain

Max Roux, Staff Writer

Director Justin Lins “Fast & Furious 6” like its predecessors is over the top in every way, at times too much.  In the end the movie was all but a success, because the action was overwhelming and the character buildup was minimal.

                It was almost like the movie abandoned all plot and relied just on the heavily animated CGI (computer generated interface otherwise known as special effects) in which at times physics were ignored.  Most of the action, although edgy and heart pounding, was laughably unrealistic and extremely illogical.  The scenes where the CGI was heavily used to create cool car visuals was only the car scenes themselves. Every close quarters scene involving gun fights would make even amateur movie makers cringe. It was as if each pistol contained 500 rounds, because I never saw a single person reload.

                I cannot repeat enough, although the CGI was fantastic (yet cheesy), the plot felt like it was killing my brain cells.

                The cast is made up of some big names such as Vin Diesel, but it’s also Vin Diesel. You couldn’t take the movie seriously, as it felt the actors were out of place and couldn’t handle even a minor serious role.

                The humor of the movie makes the boring (car-chase less) scenes bearable, but the humor is not intentionally funny. It’s as if you’re laughing at the cast’s sub-par acting and horrific quotes.


If over the top, testosterone-filled, tasteless, and don’t forget plot-less movies are your thing then by all means “Fast 6” is for you, but if you can distinguish a good movie from a bad one I wouldn’t recommend it. Overall I give it 2 stars out of 5, only because some chase scenes had me on the edge of my seat. What the movie lacks in plot and characters, it pathetically tries to make up in action.