Great Falls native Trever James finds a home on NBC hit “The Voice”

Most actors dream of joining Hollywood on stage. This was the same for Trever James, until he saw the what goes on behind the scenes.

“About 10 years ago I moved out to LA because I wanted to pursue acting, but then I kind of stumbled into the production side of things. [I like] the whole process from the idea to the edited finish,” he said.

Thirty-year-old Trever James works on “The Voice” as a Supervisor Casting Editor. James graduated from C. M. Russell High School in 2001.

As Supervisor Casting Editor of The Voice, James goes through thousands of video auditions before the season and narrows it down to just a few individuals. James said one of the biggest challenges is deciding who goes through to audition during the blind auditions.

“It’s a lot of pressure sometimes. You get a lot of talented people,” he said.

The process of picking and choosing takes a long time. Season six, which doesn’t start until the spring of 2014, has already begun casting.

“First we always look for the voice. We always listen to the voice first. Then next comes their story. We try to find out what the story is,” he said. “Everybody has a story and that’s what people fall in love with along with their voice. “

James said that he, along with his team, makes sure that these “voices” have correct stories and that they are heard.

The Voice

, however, isn’t the first TV show James has worked on. He supervised the casting on shows like “America’s Best Dance Crew” and “The Sing-Off,” as well as producing “American Colony: Meet The Hutterites,” which was filmed and aired here in Montana.

Although his job is mainly behind the scenes, James has experience working on the other side of the camera. He was on the reality TV show, “On the Lot” which searched for America’s next top filmmaker. Although he was eliminated from the show during the finals, James found his start on the show with Michelle McNulty, his current boss.

As a supervisor, he meets a lot of  celebrities, including Adam Levine and Jennifer Lopez. However, when he stands among them, he doesn’t see them the same way.

“I don’t really think of them as stars. I’m not really star struck anymore because I’ve lived out here so long. They’re just random people that you bump into now and then.”