New gaming system to be one of the best for years to come

With a price tag of $500 the xbox one is not a cheap toy.

With half a terabyte of memory, and nearly 8 gigabytes of Random Access Memory, the ONE is a huge upgrade from its counterpart.  Although its size is double that of the PS4, the ONE is faster, smoother, and more efficient than the PS4. The ONE’s interface is perfect and is extremely user friendly and easy to use. The same goes for the Kinect 2.O with a infared camera and a genius AI.

Using voice commands on the ONE is exciting on its own, and definitely gives the user a sense of control. Where the ONE lacks is its small collection of launch titles. The console only released alongside video games, although the number is sure to rise.

All in all the Xbox ONE has set a precedent for this generations consoles, and will continue to give Microsoft the hold it has on the video game industry.