Playing video games isn’t what it seems

Everyone has an own opinion on video games – good or bad.

“They’re amazing,” Emme Smith said about video games. Emme also said that video games can take you to a whole new world and things you can’t do in real life. Fantasy, action, and adventure are her favorite types of games to play, and one of her favorite games to play is Minecraft.

“I like Minecraft because you can build a bunch of things and explore the maps and do lots of adventuring,” Emme said.

Some other things she likes about Minecraft is the cool maps, the villagers and how you can trade with them, and the zombies and monsters that you fight. Another game Emme likes to play is Just Dance on the Xbox 360 kinect.

“I like the game just dance because you’re dancing, having fun, and playing a video game,” Emme said. “The three best things in one.”

A game that she does not like is Grand Theft Auto because players just go around killing people and it has cars in it.

“I don’t like games with cars in it,” Emme said. “You just drive in circles.”

One of the craziest games Emme’s seen is a game called Happy Wheels.

“It’s super weird and really bloody, yet it’s cool at the same time,” she said. “The title is really deceiving.”

One of the coolest games Emme has seen is a game called The Last of Us.

“It’s dystopian and it has zombies,” she said. “It also has a really good story line to it.”

Like Emme, Relic Smith also thinks that video games are awesome. One of the reasons why Relic likes video games is because people scream a lot when they get nervous or excited.

“Video games get intense,” Relic said. He also said they’re fun.

One of Relic’s favorite video games is NBA 2k14.

“I like 2k14 because it’s NBA and I like NBA,” Relic said. “It also helps me in real life cuz’ I get to learn all the moves.”

Some other reasons why Relic likes 2k14 is because it has all the teams on the game, even the older teams. You can also do blacktop and other game modes that are really fun to play.

One of the weirdest games Relic’s seen is a game on cool math called Johny Upgrade. A cool game that Relic likes to play is star wars force unleashed.

“I like star wars force unleashed because there’s a ton of levels, and it has a good story to it,” Relic said. “It also has some nice action to it.”

Relic does not like FPS (First Person Shooter) games. He thinks they are too violent and are bad for your mind. He doesn’t think people should play these type of games including Halo, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and other shooting games.

“There was this 6-year-old who got a gun laying around and shot his grandma,” Relic said. “He played those shooting games and shot her thinking she would come back to life.”

Like Relic, Sally Smith thinks that shooting games are bad for everyone. She thinks that there is no purpose for violent video games and they should be banned and taken off the shelves. Sally also said that violent video games create a bad image for the brain.

“Over 90 percent of killers now days have been found playing violent video games,” Sally said.

Sally thinks that people should be limited to playing video games only three times a week with a maximum of three hours, she said two hours would be even better.

“I think kids spend too much time in front of a video game,” Sally said.

“People play video games to much because they forgot to play outside,” Sally said. “They either forgot how to play outside or were just never taught.”

One game Sally does like is bowling on the wii. She also likes the wipeout and dancing games because players are moving and staying active.

“Video games can be fun, but they can be over used,” she said.