“American Sniper” touches the hearts of moviegoers

From the outstanding cinematography, to the what feels like hour-long suspenseful moments, “American Sniper” is a must see movie for 2015.
Directed by Clint Eastwood, this movie stars Bradley Cooper as “The Legend” Chris Kyle as he serves four tours in Iraq as a U.S. Navy Seal.
Those who have seen the film know the way it tugs at your emotions. Every minute during the film you are constantly on the edge of your seat.
The actors put their heart and soul into the years that it took to produce the movie.
Each actor has an important part in this and without these actors the movie would not be the same
Chris Kyle and Taya Kyle, who is portrayed by Sienna Miller, play an important role demonstrating how each day of a soldiers life is lived. The two constantly battled marriage and family problems because of the amount of time that Chris spent away from their home.
This movie shows exactly what a soldier goes through while they are away and the things that each of them have to overcome when the soldier comes back home.
Living a life away from the people you love is difficult, and that has been proven through this film.
This is an action movie, mixed with horror and also romance.
This is a must watch, once you have seen it, you’ll want to know more about the life of a soldier.
Rated R. 2 hours 14 minutes.