New album, New Fall Out Boy

From their young beginnings in 2001 to touring the world today, Fall Out Boy’s music has inspired many young musicians to follow their small town dreams. The newest Fall Out Boy album, “American Beauty/American Psycho”, has recently been released and although I do miss their old music, the new one is up to par with its rocking melodies. I was so excited when I heard this album was finally out.
The Illinois rock band has a diverse type of sound that cannot easily be found. Their music has a stereotypical garage band sound with pop beats that most rock bands don’t have. “American Beauty/American Psycho” has some of their best songs by far, but the best one happens to be “Fourth of July”. Although some of their songs are covers like “The Kids Aren’t Alright” originally written by The Offspring, they still keep their Fall Out Boy sound.
Although the lyrics can sometimes be hard to understand; Patrick Stump, Fall Out Boy’s lead singer, has a way with words. Their songs create a want to change one’s life. It has taken me a few times to understand what the tunes mean, but every single song in this album has a deeper connection to their audience.
The emotions in this album seem to transpire into their increased maturity levels and life experiences with their lyrics. The band has an energy that most other rock bands do not have. I remember seeing their concert and thinking how all four members got into the music and the way the crowd reacted. No matter how different everyone at that concert was, we all shared Fall Out Boy’s music in common. Fall Out Boy is one with their audience and “American Beauty/American Psycho” is more proof of this commonality. If you haven’t yet you should definitely check out their new album. This band may change your life.