If you enjoy taking photos over posting status then you’re most likely part of the Instagram community. A place where you post photos, add hashtags and watch your followers rise. No, it’s not a competition to see how many followers you get, but if you post some good pictures and add the right hashtags followers can start to add up.
Freshman Taylor Lynn has had her Instagram for four years and has 850 followers.
“I use Instagram almost every day. I think it’s more for people to share pictures with each other and for the throwback and transformation pictures.”
Junior Anna Evans is one of many people who agree with Lynn.
“It’s another way to catch up on friends, see what they’re doing, or even meet new people,” Evans said.
Evans has 540 followers and says she gets on Instagram almost every day even if she isn’t posting.
“It’s easier to find out what people are doing and see where they are and all the things they are up to,” Evans said.
The addicting app is a way to show off your photos and your life. Junior Connor McAllister has even noticed the age range for Instagram slowly growing.
“I think Instagram is more popular than Facebook because I keep seeing older people, like parents getting on Instagram,” McAllister said.
McAllister, who has 705 followers, says he gets on about 10 times a day. “I like Instagram because it only has photos and I’m a visually oriented person,” he said.
Everywhere you go you can probably find someone posting to Instagram. Evans has even gotten her father, drama teacher Chris Evans, involved in the Instagram clan.
“I got my dad to get an Instagram and he uses it about as often as I do now,” Evans said.
Not even a couple years ago, the big social medias consisted of Myspace, Facebook and Twitter. The popularity for these apps has slowly declined.
“Instead of doing Man Candy Monday or Women Crush Wednesday on Facebook, people are putting it on Instagram now,” Lynn said.
Senior Karlee Simonson with her 1425 followers thinks the popularity of the app is slightly higher but not as much as other apps.
“I look at Instagram almost every day and usually will post every three to four days,” Simonson said. “Instagram is more about expressing yourself than anything through pictures. I think the popularity of it is the same as Facebook, but not as much as Twitter or Snapchat.”