The Yu-Gi-Oh club


Every day in the media center, a group of students meets. A group of students who call themselves duelers. Their weapons of choice? Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards.

“I hate those Armed Dragons, man,” said sophomore Mykell Peters while battling fellow sophomore Ozzy Lake.

Another group of students stood on the opposite side of the table looking over sheets of cards, choosing what was valuable to trade.

“I think this would be helpful for you,” one of them said, trying to upgrade his friend’s deck.

Meanwhile in the battle, Lake summons a Luster Dragon, which he uses to attack and fully deplete Peters’ remaining life points from his initial 8,000.

“I’m very aggressive,” Lake said. “At least with this deck.”

After they finished they both agreed that the card game was a mutual part of their friendship.

“I like meeting people and having fun,” Peters said about why he enjoys dueling.

“Without Yu-Gi-Oh, I probably wouldn’t have met him,” Lake said.