“The Shining” A Review By Mary Brown


Everyone seems to know this horror film even if they’ve never seen it. This story about how “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” has been one that people have quoted for the 41 years since it was written. Many people has experienced reading this book since it first was available on January 28th, 1977.


However, what you might not know about the movie “The Shining” is that it was actually a No. 1 best-selling Stephen King novel before it was ever made into a movie. This book’s 659 pages are sure to keep readers busy.


There are many mysterious events that occur, including visions, telepathy, ghosts, and an eternal party. King is notorious for writing horror stories. Compared to some of his other novels such as “Carrie” and “Pet Cemetary,”  “The Shining” is fairly tame, with only a few moments of terror. Instead of being frightened by blood and gore, readers can enjoy a more psychological form of fear.


If you don’t consider yourself a reader then you should at least check out the movie. Starring Jack Nicholson as the story’s protagonist, this 146-minute film will be one that you want to check out. This movie’s first premiered in theaters on May 23rd, 1980. Adapted for the big screen by director Stanley Kubrick, the motion picture actually has a different ending that is sure not to disappoint any viewer.