“The Revenant” — the hardest movie to watch in 2015

Francesca McWilliams, Staff Writer

The disconsolate thriller movie “The Revenant”rated R — came out in 2015, and actor Leonardo Dicaprio won his first Oscar for the 2 hour and 36 minute flick. The movie was nominated for many awards, one of them being the Golden Globe Award for best motion picture. It also brought in $532 million for its box office.


That being said, people would think the movie was amazing, and they would be right. It was great. But it was also the movie that was the hardest to watch in 2015.


The movie has great graphics and is very entertaining. The movie is like being on an emotional roller coaster. DiCaprio stars as Hugh Glass, who is exploring uncharted wilderness. Glass is brutally attacked by a bear and barely survives. He isn’t able to communicate or walk. Glass is traveling with other fur trappers, and has an Indian son; the connection between the two is strong.


After being separated from the rest of the group, Glass is left with two other members; one of them kills his son after he tries to stop him from killing Glass. Then the members leave Glass for dead.


Afterwards, he has to use his survival skills to live in the freezing Montana winters alone. The only thing that keeps him going is revenge. He undergoes many challenges that almost kill him, including being followed by an Indian tribe that  attempts to kill him.


This movie has many talented actors, and is well-made. I absolutely loved the film, even if it was incredibly hard to watch. It’s even more disturbing that the movie is based off of a true story.  It was the best movie I have seen in awhile.


I recommend “The Revenant” for anyone who loves great thrillers that keep viewers wondering what’s next. Keep in mind this movie isn’t for the faint of heart — it truly is a very hard movie to watch.