Photography expands creativity

Katelyn Morly, News Editor

Throughout life people take pictures whether it be for fun or professional, especially today with easy access to phones that take quality pictures. However, senior Hailey Koehmstedt took a photography class at CMR to expand on her skills.


“I’ve always wanted to do photography so I took the class to expand my knowledge,” she said.


Since she was little she said she has always had an interest in photography. Due to taking the photography class she learned more than she ever would have on her own. This class taught her cool new features on her camera along with different exposures, Koehmstedt said.


“If you are looking for an outlet into another artistic thing, photography is a good idea,” she said.


Photography gives a serene relaxed feeling and provides a getaway from stress. She has noticed that a lot of people take the class because they believe it’s an easy elective to get credit. However, it’s much more difficult than that, Koehmstedt said.


“You deal with chemicals, placement, development, paper printing, and the difficulty of photoshopping with film,” she said.
Since taking this class she has expanded her photography skills by practicing over the summer. She even took pictures at one of her favorite concerts and was recognized for her work, Koehmstedt said.