Juniors enjoy the video world

McKenzie Connell and Hannah Pospisil, Staff Writers

During second semester, juniors Xavier Coates and Dustin Quintanilla are two of the students who work on the Rustler Morning News bit in video production class.


“The class is a good outlet for creativity,” Quintanilla said.


On Feb. 22, these two video production students held two unflattering masks in their hands — one of Hillary Clinton and one of Donald Trump.


“Another group in our class was making a music video and had the masks, and we were going to use them as a joke but we decided against them,” Quintanilla said.


Video production is a class that both of the boys enjoy.


“I’ve been in the class multiple times, and it was pretty fun,” Coates said.


Video production students not only make CMR’s informative Rustler Morning News segments, but they also complete projects such as music videos.


“We get to do cool projects, such as the music videos, which is pretty fun,” Quintanilla said.


Both agree that video production is a great class that works perfectly as a creative outlet for anyone.