Stagecraft teacher sets up for the senior celebration


Photo by Sienna Cherry

With the year coming to an end, senior celebration is upon us. Chris Evans’ stagecraft class is currently setting up for CMR’s class of 2017 celebration assembly. Using the skull design from the 50th anniversary, made for the coronation in 2014. They have used this backdrop every year since 2014, and it’s understandable why.

“Students spent their summer of 2014 building this backdrop,” he said “About ten to fifteen  volunteered and they put a lot of time and work into the design of the skull, so it makes sense that it’s been used every year since,”

“It’s like life sized legos,” Evans said.

Being head of stagecraft, Evans said this is the kind of job he lives for. Opposed to sitting in a classroom day after day, his students are able to go out and experience hands on work. The class, Evans runs, prepares his students for real life experiences in areas that interest each person. Which must be why he finds himself so fond of his career.