Stagecraft offers opportunities that students would not normally get

Sophie Kluge, Staff Writer

Drama puts on many a lot of plays during the school year, and senior Zachary Taylor helps with each one. Taylor is part of stagecraft, the class at CMR that builds sets for all the plays. Although this is Taylor’s first year in the class, he said he has learned about all the different things that go into building sets.

“We learn a lot about the process that goes into designing plays and building plays,” he  said. Taylor has also enjoyed the abundance of possibilities that the class provides.
“Whether you’re interested in sound, lighting, or just building, there’s something for everyone,” Taylor said.

The class is registered as a technical education credit, which allows students to prepare for their postsecondary education and employment.

Besides taking basic building, lighting, and sound skills with him, Taylor also said that the class has given him lessons to apply to his life.

Stagecraft The class has been beneficial to Taylor, but he doesn’t see himself pursuing a career that pertains to this field. field like it.

“It is definitely something that interests me,” he said.