Music Brings Students Joy


Holly Spragg, Online Editor

Music is an art celebrated worldwide, but is also very personal to the listener. At CMR, a couple students spoke about their music taste and how it impacts them throughout daily life.

“Music is by far one of [the] most important things in my life. I depend on it for many things, happiness and good memories,” Bruce Fisher, a senior and indie music enthusiast, said.

Fellow senior Audrey Bateman spoke about the difficulties of choosing a favorite anything to do with music.

“I would be lying to myself and the world if I chose a favorite. […] My favorite music changes daily.” Bateman said.  

Not only is music on the radio and in the ears of all, but it is also on the big screen adding to the visuals playing out before their eyes.

“The movie with the best soundtrack, for me, is Dirty Dancing,” foreign exchange student Jimena Gonzalez of Spain said. Bateman also spoke about her love for the incredible music in movies.

Fisher and Bateman mentioned the recent act of artists using their platform to make political statements.

“Just stick to music, that’s their job.  Keep it simple.”

“I think that artists who use their music to promote something positive, bring attention to something harmful we are doing, or promote change for the better are using their stardom effectively,” Bateman added.

When it came to recommendations, Fisher had a few to offer.

“Listen to The Lumineers. It’ll bring smiles and memories, but don’t forget to watch sunsets, too.”