TV show comes to an end after giving inspiration to viewers


Photo by Stampede

Shana Fronsee, Introduction to Journalism student

“What are these tattoos on your neck?” Those are the last words you see and hear before you get the ending credits.

“Shadowhunters” officially ended on May 6, and it made a lot of people, including me, upset. Truthfully, they should’ve continued it, but the writers and creators had their reasons to end it. Jules Rose, an acquaintance of mine, agrees with me on this topic.

“The series was created to tell the story of Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series, and the television show storyline did reach the end of the book series. When the story has been completed, the likelihood of it returning is practically non-existent,” she says. That is true. Season one was to show books one and two with season two explaining books three and four and season three explaining books five and six. Rose said that she wasn’t really surprised when she heard the show was canceled after looking on many social media sites.

“A lot of good television shows have been cancelled for seemingly no reason, which ultimately either leaves the show on a cliff hanger or it ends up negatively affecting the quality of the show itself as creators rush to finish the story,” she said. Rose would’ve loved to see the show get renewed despite it having to end so early. Like Rose, my friend Shauna Taylor hoped it would’ve been renewed, too.

“I like to hope it could be renewed or picked up, but no. I think the odds of it being saved are, unfortunately, slim,” Taylor said. This show had inspired her in more ways than one, and reading about it getting canceled shocked her.

“We finally had a TV show that touched on very important topics,” she says. There was a lot that went on that helped her, and when it ended it left her to use her imagination.

Just like Rose and Taylor, I’m shocked and hoping it could be renewed, despite knowing that it was never going to be saved. I had to use my own imagination after watching the series finale because of the way they left two characters.

Truthfully, this show had a 10/10 rating on my end because of how much it inspired me to get through everything I’ve been through myself. I was able to relate to a lot of the characters and I was emotionally connected to them. However, I also love the way that after a show ends, the actors move on to more projects and somehow incorporate traits that they took out of characters from previous projects into their new ones.

All three of us, myself, Rose, and Taylor, are truly happy for these actors and actresses being able to show us the journey each character has been on in real life instead of us having to read it on pages in a book.