Key Club volunteers rake in hours helping others in need


Caitlyn Aakre, Staff Writer

No, Key Club is not about collecting different kinds of keys. It’s about helping people, and CMR’s club has been doing it since 1965. The club is famous for helping out other organizations, but this year, they’ve started one of their own.
“[We’d like to] let people know about kids who need help,” senior James Bamfield said about Key Club’s new food/clothes bank to assist anybody who may need a pick-me-up. The bank is stocked with food for homeless students, whether they chose to leave their house or were kicked out by their parents.
Another good thing Key Club has started doing this year is a “Teacher of the Month” award. The club asks different clubs or Connections classes to nominate a teacher they see as an outstanding faculty member. The teacher will then be awarded with gifts and award certificates. Christi Virts was selected for September, Tom Spencer for October, and Lisa Moser for November. Although the club has seen success starting new projects, their numbers helping other organizations have been low this year.
Bamfield, who serves as Lieutenant Governor for Division II, oversees both the Great Falls clubs and said he’d like to see more involvement. Mike Lathrop, the CMR Key Club advisor, agrees.
“[We’re] looking for volunteers,” he said. The club has seen low attendance this year, especially for Head Start activities.
The club has 28 official  due-paid members this year, eight of which are going to Youth Conference at the Hampton Inn in Great Falls Nov. 12-14. Club members logged 2,129 hours between March 1 and Nov. 2.
Senior Evan Sherman, who held Bamfield’s position last year, is going to Youth Conference and has logged over 200 hours during his four years in the club. He has lettered with Key Club, helped by his more than 200 hours of service. Sherman has personally been very involved with Project Life.
“If you like doing good things for people, then join Key Club,” he said. He also stressed that Key Club offers many leadership opportunities.
Also, because Key Club helps the community, members feel better about themselves.
“I am a better person because of Key Club,” Sherman said.