Prom dress selection a rite of spring

Jasmine Flamand, Staff Writer

Senior Brynn Murphy set out on a mission for this year’s prom. She wanted to find the dress of her dreams.

“I really wanted a sparkly dress, but totally different than from others,” Murphy said.

Looking for the dress is always a process that can be stressful, but Murphy found a dress that was totally unexpected.

“It’s a multi colored dress with sparkles and non- traditional,” Murphy said.

Some people find something different but there are those few who already know what they are looking for and know just the right place to find it. Junior Kasey Bubnash knew what kind of dress she wanted starting last year.

 “I had to pick between the two last year and then decided I could get it this year,” Bubnash said.

Bubnash settled on the dress she fell in love with last year, a powder pink dress fitted in the top and with tooling flowing to the floor.

“I feel tan in my dress,” Bubnash said.

There’s always that magical feeling of being a princess. Senior Alyssa Vallie gets the feeling every time she puts on her prom dress.

“It’s a poofy yellow dress with a veil- like top that’s a little revealing but classy, like Beauty and the Beast,” Vallie said. “I feel like Belle the princess.”