Cantley to teach at North Middle School


Olivia Rudio, Staff Writer

As the 2011-2012 school year draws to a close the CMR music department will be saying, “So long, farewell” to its very own “Maria.”

                After a year of being choir director at CMR, Jennifer Cantley will be replacing the North Middle School choir teacher, Mary Dietz, this fall.

                “I’m really sad to leave the kids here, but I’m really excited for a different pace,” Cantley said.

                While Cantley was not a governess like Maria from the “Sound of Music,” this year she worked similar hours as one.

                Her typical “go home” time was around 5-5:30p.m. — she would oftentimes come in to work on Saturdays just to be caught up.

                With her busy schedule she barely had any time for herself, she said. However, at the start of second semester she joined the symphonic choir again, after taking a break to get her masters degree.

                “I did that for my soul,” Cantley said.

                Her family was also affected by her busy work schedule.

                “I’m so focused on this [job] I wasn’t able to focus at home,” Cantley said.

                Although she’s looking forward to having a “lull in the action,” she will miss her students.

                “It’s been a great journey for me. I enjoyed getting to know the students in all choirs,” Cantley said. “I really appreciate all of them for who they are; that’s the best part of teaching in general.”