Kirol reflects on changes in consumer science


Caroline Perkins, Staff Writer

The name may have changed, but that’s doesn’t matter to retiring Family Consumer Science teacher Diane Kirol.

“I’m still a home economist,” Kirol said.

Family Consumer Science — previously known as Home Economics — has had many changes in the classroom over the years.

Newer courses may not be as centered on the home as the previous ones, but Kirol said it’s still crucial to know those topics.

“I still think it’s really important for students to be educated in nutrition, the skills needed for taking care of the home and the family,” she said.

With each new change, Kirol said she doesn’t differentiate her teaching style, just the information taught in the class.

“The type of classes now need to be in vocational [career orientated] path,” she said.

The most exciting change to Kirol was the number of male students recently participating in class.

“Oh! There are so many guys taking the class,” Kirol said.

One of the main reasons she said males are taking the course is because of the benefits of cooking.

“Guys like to cook and of course they love to eat.”