New Wrangler captains chosen for the new school year

Zach Pottratz, Staff Writer

When the Wranglers were announcing their new captains, sophomore Rebecca Maki was not expecting to get the role of co-captain for the 2012-2013 school year.

                “I was not expecting to get it at all. It was a big surprise. I was really excited to get it because I really wanted it,” she said. There are three captains for the team and one co-captain.

                Serving as Wrangler co-captain is a big responsibility. She said she will observe the performances and get ideas for choreography. Maki said that being co-captain does not make you automatically a captain the following year.

                “I still have to try out my senior year, but I’ll have more experience than the other people,” Maki said.

                Her responsibilities are varied.

                “I’m not really sure of my responsibilities yet, but they’re not as much as the actual captains. I observe the routines, choreograph routines, and I help design the uniforms,” she said. “And I help keep the team focused.”

                With a similar love of the team, captain Nicole Rogers, a junior, finds that being a role model is good for the younger dancers.

                “As a captain I have to give encouragement and to be a good role model              for the younger ones,” she said.

                But like Maki, Rogers said that she didn’t expect to get captain, but “everyone told me that I would. They gave me encouragement.”

                Rogers will work with the other two captains — Tayler Korb and Kierra Refeld – to create the routines.

                “I love the idea of knowing you had something to do with it,” she said.

                When Rogers was a freshman, she said that she wanted to be just like the captains she had then.

                “Since I’ve been on the team four years, I remember what the captains were like when I was a freshman, and I want to be just like them,” Rogers said.

                Rogers also said she has the job of pepping up the team, because “when you get ready to preform, you get really nervous.”