Tauni Kovacich Q&A

Jennifer Verzuh

After tackling numerous AP classes and spending 4 years on the cheer squad at CMR, senior Tauni Kovacich is heading to out of state college in sunny California for a medical career.

Q: What school are you going to and where is it located?

A: University of California, San Diego, located in La Jolla, Calif.

Q: What was it that attracted you to this school?

A: Aside from its academic prestige, I was attracted to UCSD for the culture. On frequent visits to California I was attracted to the laid back vibe I felt, especially in San Diego. Also, the weather in Southern California is excellent, and though born and raised in Montana, I consider myself a California girl.

Q: What are you planning on studying there?

A: I am planning on majoring in biochemistry and continuing on to medical school in hopes of becoming a surgeon.

Q: Why did you decide to go to school out of state versus in Montana?

A: In my opinion, Montana is so far behind on everything, and people are extremely judgmental. I want to branch out and meet new people. Also, the education at UCSD, will be of much greater quality than I could receive at any Montana school, and will present me with more opportunities.

Q: Are you nervous or excited about going there?

A: I am everything! Nervous, excited, happy, sad! Leaving behind everything you know is a hard decision to make, but I can’t wait to be under that California sunshine and to start my life!

Q: What are you looking forward to about going to California? What are some of your fears?

A: I am looking forward to the weather, the people, the beach, and especially the academic opportunities. I’m scared of being completely on my own at first with no family or friends. I’m also scared of leaving my wonderful boyfriend behind!

Q: Do you have any family or friends in that area?

A: Nope! All new people.