Socks, not just for your feet anymore

English teacher Holly McEwen thinks she’s the only person who buys socks but never wears them.

This year the DECA store is adding a new addition to their store’s inventory; sock monkeys. They are made by McEwen and are sold for $12.

The sock monkeys  first caught the attention of former DECA store manager, Dave Stukey, when two of them were featured in a CMR fundraiser basket. He then decided to order 30 for the DECA store.

“We had a couple of sales,” DECA store manager Linda Sullivan said.

According to Sullivan, the price they charge is what it costs to make the monkeys.

“It’s just a nice service for the kids, not to make money,” Sullivan said.

The DECA store features different types of monkeys all with CMR colors.

“Finding green and yellow is really hard,” McEwen said.

Despite the challenge, she’s found a way to sport green and gold monkeys by ordering online.

According to McEwen, Big R sells them for $1 but they’re all blue and white.

“It just bums me out because I wish we could have $1 [sock monkeys],” McEwen said.

McEwen estimates that she has made more than 200 sock monkeys since she first learned how to at a craft party.

“Mrs. Kohut had a craft party and they taught us how to do it a month before Christmas a couple years ago,” McEwen said.

Since then each of her nieces and nephews have received approximately 15 sock monkeys and many of her relatives have received them as Christmas gifts.

“It’s more fun to make things than to buy,” McEwen said.