Not business as usual for Stacy Dolderer

Getting a job as a business teacher in a small school district is hard; getting one close your kids is even tougher.

Business teacher Stacy Dolderer will be transferring to Great Falls High School beginning next year. Her decision to move was based strictly on personal factors, she said.

“I love it here, but I live right in the GFH neighborhood,” she said.

Dolderer has worked as a business teacher in Oregon for the past 11 years. After spending an incredibly enjoyable year at CMR, Dolderer was presented with an opportunity she could not pass up.

As a single parent of two small kids, she said seeing her kids every morning off to school is extremely important.

Dolderer will miss her colleagues and students more than anything at CMR. Some of her students are children of classmates that graduated from CMR with Dolderer.

“I’m not leaving because of Goosen, I love everyone here. I can’t wait to be able to be there for my kids more.”