Burtsfields and Harrisons double the trouble at CMR

There are approximately 100 million twins worldwide, and about one set of twins for every 80 births. Two out of this number are at CMR.
Freshman Kylie and Cassidy Burtsfield are just one set of Rustler twins roaming the halls they are two individuals but share some unique qualities.
“We don’t look alike,” Kylie and Cassidy say in sync.” [but] I’m taller, by a lot,” said Kylie.
Kylie is older by a just a minute. They were born on Aug. 13, 2000, and lived in Missoula until just a few years ago. They told a story about how when they lived there they switched seats in class to trick an unsuspecting teacher.
“We had an old sub [one day],” Cassidy said. The two girls describe how they switched seats throughout the day–kind of like the movie “Parent Trap,” but not as extreme.
They said it was funny totally worth it, even though they were caught and got in big trouble.
Although twins at CMR may look the same, their personalities are usually totally different. Just like other siblings they laugh together, care for one another, and share common interests. The word “twin” is just a title; people soon figure it out when they get to know the two individuals themselves.
Sophomores Matthew and Taylor Harrison say that having a twin is no different than having any other sibling.
Matthew said his least favorite question is, “Is it fun being a twin?” You can almost see him cringe as he says it.
His brother responds differently to the same question, however.
A question Taylor dislikes getting “Do you have a twin sense?”
So do they? The question had to be asked.
According to Matthew, they don’t, but he says they tell people they do when they get asked. On the other hand, Taylor said he has experienced it. He had a feeling his brother was going to get hurt and he actually did.
Matthew was out motorcycling and ended up hurting his leg. Taylor said he had a weird feeling that something had gone wrong. The two had not been together when this occurred, so Taylor’s “twin sense” may actually exist.
After a period of time many people don’t need these hidden clues to tell the two apart. One of the only times they get mixed up is “when [people] first get to know [them],” Matthew said.
As the questions rolled, Matthew and Taylor’s fun personalities came to view.
“He’s handsome. I’m good looking,” Matthew said with a smile.