Study buddies


While some students spend their seventh period working hard, a certain crew spends its time hardly working.
Junior Dylan Sandefur describes the “dailies” as juniors Andrew (Grinde), Karl (Tucker), Patrick and Walker McAllister and senior Zach Johnson.
The squad spends every single seventh period in the media center as a way to wind down from the long day.
“Sometimes we play computer games,” Walker said. “We spent a month trying to conquer this one game, (Warlords).”
“I was two battles away from beating the game,” Johnson said.
“There are cheat codes, but we don’t use those. We’re too noble,” Walker added.
The library also gives them access to old yearbooks that the boys enjoy looking through, particularly to find school pictures of their teachers.
“We found Mrs. Jordan from a 1980 yearbook,” Walker said, along with teachers Karen Spencer, Burke Allen and Mike Henneberg.
“Henneberg was kicking it back in the day,” Tucker said.
They say they keep photos they find for their own personal amusement and enjoy the wild stories from back in the day.
“They said some dicey stuff,” Walker said of a ‘Best Memories’ spread in an older yearbook.
“They would talk about how drunk they would get (at parties)—if we talked about that we would get in trouble,” Walker said. “That’s not fair.”
Despite not being able to share their most intimate memories of high school in a yearbook spread, the gang shares some crazy memories amongst themselves.
“One time some chick let out this bloodcurdling scream, and the teacher didn’t do a dang thing,” Walker said.
Johnson’s most memorable moment was during state soccer when teacher Brian Crosby gave them a play by play of game.
Aside from the fun and games, the crew still manages to get work done when they need to.
“There’s some positive vibes in here,” Johnson said. “It’s a nice, quiet environment and the librarians are really nice.”
It’s been quite a year for the library rat pack and they are pleased to know it’s not over.
“We still have a quarter and a half so there will be plenty more memories coming,” Walker said.