To hack or to sack; that is the question


From occupying the breezeways to getting yelled at in various classrooms, senior John Moats has made a name for himself.
“It runs through the family,” Moats said.
As for senior Jazz Lopez, the excitement of the game just started a few days ago.
You might see Moats in the morning by Bill Will hall playing a good ol’ game of hacky sack, also known as Footbag. If you ever take the time to stop and watch, you’ll get the chance to experience several unique kicks and chicken scratch.
“There’s a trick called around the world,” Moats said. “It’s where you kick your foot around so that the hacky sack goes behind you and to your other foot.”
Lopez prefers to make up her own tricks.
“I call it the hoop,” Lopez said. “It’s where you kick it up to your arm, then it rolls down your back and you pretend to shoot a free throw.”
Along with ‘around the world’ and ‘the hoop, there’s a stall, where it lands on your foot and you leave it there for a few seconds. There’s ‘flying inside, which is an inside kick while in mid-air. Moats has perfected almost every trick in the book. Perfecting those tricks takes time and practice, and it comes with injuries.
“I’ve pulled muscles before,” Moats said. “You can injure yourself more than you think.”
Although hacky sack isn’t considered a sport, in the eyes of a ‘sacker’ it’s most definitely a sport.
“It’s a leg workout and sports give you a workout,” Moats said. “But getting out there and just doing it is the hard part.”