Squires takes the 60s classic title at car show

On the first Saturday of May junior Emily Squires wasn’t sleeping in. Instead, she got into her yellow 1968 Dodge Charger R/T Clone and headed downtown.

She was one of many car enthusiasts who gathered at the Cruisin’ the Drag car show in Great Falls on May 2. People gathered down nine blocks for this event.

The day before the show she went and handwashed her car to prepare for the event. The day of the show she woke up at 6 a.m. and drove to the show at 8 a.m. She got her registration and went down Central Avenue to find a perfect spot to show her car off.  She parked right next to her grandpa’s 1964 Ford Galaxy.  After she polished the chrome, she used a special cleaner to make the rubber darker on the tires.

“I have three favorite parts at the show. I loved walking around and seeing the variety of the other vehicles at the show. I loved when people [were] shocked that I own the car,” Squires said.

Throughout the day, nice cars came in and were split into categories. In the end, Squires won the best 60s classic. Her car has a 461 engine and 100 shot of nitrous.

“It was my first show and most of the vehicles there were 60s. I had a lot of great competition,” she said.

If you like cars and went to Cruising the Drag you might like other car shows.  There are several around Montana. There are several scheduled car shows in June, including the first one in Lewistown on June 6. The name of the event is Lewistown Grudge racing. The next one is called Choteau Cruzin’ In on June 10 in Choteau. In Great Falls, Ford lovers will gather on June 13 at an event called Fords Forever.

For information about the dozens of car shows in Montana throughout the summer, visit http://www.cmyryd.com/events.html.