Wendy Truax, strict but caring

She once wanted to be an architect or an accountant, but when she discovered her love of math, teacher Wendy Truax decided to take her career in a different path.

Truax describes herself as a strict but caring teacher. She feels that her strictness is balanced out by the fact that she makes herself available to help her students as much as they want. She feels like she explains mathematics well to her students.

Truax has been teaching for 24 years and has built up her love of teaching through the years.

“I love my job,” Truax said, explaining that the person who got her interested in the career was her junior year mathematics teacher, Mrs.Terrio.  

Before teaching at CMR, Truax taught in Lapwai, Idaho for three years, Great Falls High School for two years, and Fort Benton for 19 years. Truax said that she enjoys teaching because she thinks “it’s fun to see [the students] when they finally get it in math.”  

Throughout her years growing up, her favorite teacher was her sixth grade teacher, Mr. Gerard, because he allowed students to work at their own pace.  

Truax said she is excited for her years to come at CMR.