You missed school because of what?


Ever since the door opened to the CMR campus the start of excuses began to pour in. Excuses of being late for school, or just missing the whole day.  Andrea Carroll has been behind the plexi glass window at the attendance office for the past four years, and has heard the most bizarre stories.


“Three years ago, a girl had to go home because her water bra caught on fire,” Carroll said.

The girl was one of about three or four other girls in the welding  program at CMR. One day sparks flew down her shirt, and caused her water bra to catch on fire and explode. Making her head to the office to ask to go home.


Carroll and her co-worker Shawna Miller, who’s been here for two years, get to hear new excuses almost every day.


“I’ve heard students say their car froze, they need to change clothes, they ran out of gas, etc.” Miller said.


The ladies even see students bring in tickets from being pulled over, which of course are excused.


Some of the most common excuses they have heard have been alarms in the morning, they fell back asleep after a shower, they were required to take their siblings to school, or they sometimes blame it on their parents.


“We normally can tell if the student is lying or not,” Carroll said. “But sometimes the excuses are just so funny.”


Carroll’s favorite excuse was a weight training student who couldn’t come to school because he had done  too many squats the day before.


“The students mom called because he did to many squats at school, and thought he pulled something,” Carroll said. “I found it funny because at my gym were doing the 5000 squat challenge so I’m doing almost 250 a day.”


Both clerks love their job, and they do know that a majority of the students really are telling the truth, but some of the excuses they heard just give them a laugh and they had to share.