A Familiar Face in the Crowd

When walking around the halls of CMR there may be some unfamiliar faces you’ve seen.


One of the faces you’ve seen probably has been CSCT Support Personnel Kelly Lampkin.


“I’m the one who straightens you out,” Lampkin said.


CSCT stands for Comprehensive School and Community Treatment. Lampkin has a masters in Social Work, which has taken to schools in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Richmond, North Carolina and in Montana, where he monitors students who may need extra help.


“[I work with students who] might be struggling emotionally, mentally, and educationally,” he said. “CMR isn’t a bad place to be. It’s a different environment than GFHS.”


Lampkin has been in schools that have incidents in which the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives team have come in.  The situation in which they are handling, has students and staff get on the floor, and are unable to move until they’re able to find the person they’re looking for. If they point a red laser dot at a person, it means weapons are active.


“I prefer this school; it’s more peaceful and enjoyable,” Lampkin said.


This year has been Lampkin’s first year at CMR. He enjoys the respectful and different environment that CMR gives him, and he plans on coming back next year.


“I’ll be here next year and for a while,” Lampkin said. “I really do enjoy this place.”