Students take responsibility behind the wheel

Trey Behling, Staff Writer

A big excitement in a teen’s life is when they get the keys to a car and venture out onto the roadways. As fun as it may sound, driving takes a great deal of responsibility and concentration.


Freshman Chris McGaugh knows some of the struggles out on the road.

“You need to look out for all of the other drivers that don’t know how to drive,” he says.

Not only having to pay attention to your driving, you also need to keep an eye out for other drivers who aren’t sharing the roadways respectfully.

McGaugh has had his license for about five months now, and he said he has had the chance to experience both pro’s and con’s about driving.

“[Driving] is calming, and you don’t have to deal with your mom and dad being in the care with you,” he said.

Sierra Maynard, a freshman, relates with that.

“I don’t have to ask and can get up and go,” Maynard said. “The freedom of doing whatever you want and not having to work your plans around your parents.”

This summer, her parents and family will be gone traveling, and Maynard will be able to drive and take care of herself.

Both Maynard and McGaugh enjoy the privilege of driving, but they also know the risks they take while venturing on the road.