CMR Students plan to take German trip

Chloe Geary, Staff Writer

This summer over the course of 10 days, a group of students involved in the German department will be taking a trip to Germany. For many of these students, including sophomore Trisha Elliot, this trip will be their first time traveling outside of the United States.

“Traveling allows you to see things outside of the bubble we all live in,” Elliott said

Sophomore Emily Cappis also is eager to travel.

“I’m excited to go on a new adventure,” Cappis said.

Seventeen people from Great Falls, including friends and families of the students from C. M. Russell High School, are going on the trip.

There are several schools across the country that will be accompanying CMR on the same trip. In total, 55 people are going.

“It will be cool to travel with students from across the country,” Elliott said. “[Traveling] changes my views on how big the world is.”

The trip runs from June 13-22.