No tricks, just treats: Drama department supports food pantry during Halloween season

Mackenzie George and McKenzie Conell, Editor in Chief and Staff Writer

In a few weeks, miniature ghosts and goblins will haunt doorways in search of candy. Around that time, the CMR drama department will be on the hunt as well — but for nonperishable food items instead of treats.

Drama department teacher Chris Evans and his wife Lesli lead costumed drama students throughout Great Falls one day in October in search of donations for the CMR food pantry.

“We usually get several big garbage cans full of food that we take over to the food pantry. Sometimes we’ve had so much that they can’t even walk inside their door so that’s really fun,” Lesli  said. “One year we had so much that we donated to the North food pantry as well.”

It’s not just the students who get in on the fun. Some bring their families to help gather food. Younger siblings especially, Evans added, enjoy dressing up twice instead of once.

“They get two Halloweens that way almost, and they seemed to get a lot more food than the rest of the people, maybe because of the cute little ones, I don’t know,” Evans chuckled.

Parents enjoy Trick-or-Treat So Kids Can Eat because it’s a nice opportunity for a family outing.

“Parents said, ‘Wow, I can’t believe, you know, the food that you guys are getting and how much fun my family had; thank you, it gave us such a great family day,’ which was nice,” she explained.

The drama department will trick-or-treat early this year. On Oct. 22 from 1-4 p.m., the students will be headed out to various neighborhoods in Great Falls in search of food and toiletries. If no trick-or-treaters stop by, people can head to the drama room to donate.

“This way [students] can dress up and go out and do some good for the community and their fellow students here at CMR.”