A Way to get Your Mind off Finals

Julia Gremaux, Photo Editor

Finals are stressful and not usually a week of sunshine and rainbows, but here are some tips and tricks to having fun during one of the more dull weeks of the year.

  1. Don’t bored yourself in the cafeteria.
  • Get moving around and having fun with friends. There is a part of your brain that exercise aids in your attention skills. Physical health plays a significant role in your mental abilities.

      2. Don’t stress out.

  • When you get stressed you excrete a chemical called cortisol, a chemical that can kill cells in the hippocampus. (A.k.a. the part of the brain that is responsible for memory and emotion).
  • If you find yourself becoming more stressed go for a walk/ drive and listen to some music. The idea behind this is to help clear your brain and release tension from studying.

      3. Don’t let test anxiety kick in.

  • Many suffer from test anxiety, and have no idea how to handle it. When you start to feel anxious stop! Get confident instead! If you feel good about how you will do you will most likely coax your brain into doing its best.

      4. Relax when you study.

  • Find a nice and quiet place to study. Coffee shops are the best, but don’t get too distracted with the tasty pastries.
  • Although it is fun to study with friends it’s not always the wisest choice. You will be informed about this week’s gossip, but not on how to solve for x in y= mx + b.
  • Writing things down while you study will help with remembering them better. It interacts with muscle memory and when you pick up that pencil during your test it will feel more fluently to write the correct answer.