Senior creates visual and lyrical art independently


Quincy Schmechel and Chloe Geary, Entertainment Editor and Staff Writer

Senior Jasmine Lockwood has always been involved in the creative sectors of what CMR’s myriad of extracurricular activities provide, but as a senior Lockwood decided to take a less supervised route.


Involved in drama and choir from previous years in high school, Lockwood decided to take her creative side to the next level as a senior by taking art workshop.


“I’ve always loved to draw, sing, and write music,” she said.


However, as her senior year progressed, Lockwood decided to take things down a bit more untraditional road and to incorporate all her talents into one by doing an independent study under art teacher Theresa Jacobs’ supervision.


“It all started because I needed to fill my schedule,” Lockwood said, but she admits that she’s enjoyed the experience so far.


“I’m working on a project right now where I’m assigned another student’s art piece, and I have to write a song about it,” Lockwood said.
She said that her favorite part of her independent study is being able to incorporate all her interests into a grade, and that she recommends independent study for anyone looking for a more creative, non-traditional route to school.