Student Body Officers share their goals for the new school year

Isaiah Vang, Online Editor

It has come to the end of one generation but a start for a new one. Student Body President Nico Sanchez, Vice-President Julia Gremaux, and Treasurer/Secretary Cole Strong are ready to fulfill their role as student body officers and can’t wait to put the work into making CMR a great school.

“I want to try my best to get everyone involved in school activities, to make the best possible year for everyone,” Gremaux said.

Gremaux’s main drive for the new year is to help the student body get involved in as many activities as possible such as pep assemblies, dances, sports, drama plays, and all the fun after school activities that not many people know about.

“I want people to get excited about the week and look forward to what we offer here as Rustlers,” Gremaux said.

Other than just helping students get involved, Strong want to make CMR a place where we don’t have to worry about Public Display of Affection (PDA).

“I’m gonna eliminate PDA from this school. If I see PDA they will see the back of my hand.”  Strong said.

In order to have a stronger community in the school everyone needs to be united and for Sanchez, he find this to be his goal.

“I’m going to bring respect between everybody so that way everybody can walk around this school and [feel] respected. I want them to feel the same as the one next to them. Athletes aren’t better than musicians [and] vice-versa” Sanchez said.

It clear to see that each of their goals are going to bring a positive impact to the school. They each have a vision and a stand for what they believe in.