Coaching in Color Guard and credit recovery

Ayla Cartwright and Kassidy Gates-Yost

Velma Jordan has been an outstanding teacher and Color Guard coach who continues working after 37 years. Her favorite thing about C.M.Russell High School is watching her students grow. Although she said she cannot stand the students who procrastinate.

She helps students who need credit recovery to give them a second chance. Credit recovery helps students who have missed school days and need to make up the class. About 15 seniors are not graduating this year.

“It’s so sad to see the seniors who are so close to graduation decide to drop out,” Jordan says.

She says she is in search of students who are available to present the colors at games and events. They try to work around the students’ schedules, but need kids who have more free time because Color Guard is a busy club and needs committed members.

The changes throughout the year make for hard transitions for Jordan. She misses the way things used to be and how much more kids would participate. Jordan has been doing flags since 1980, when she had always taken pride in presenting the flags with her team.