Anderson stays busy during the new year with a new job


Emily Cappis, Editoral Board

CMR has been undergoing change everywhere — even in the main office. There was one big change for staff member Becky Anderson. Anderson underwent a from scheduling clerk to administrative assistant.

Anderson works directly with Principal Kerry Parsons to help keep the school running.  Anderson is the “head secretary” for the school and she now has many more responsibilities, including managing time cards, travel, and orders for all the departments at the school. Anderson has been a part of the Rustler family for eight years.

She said she enjoys that with her job “there is something new everyday” and that she gets to see “a lot of people.”

Anderson’s usual day has very little consistency as she has many duties that come with her job. She enjoys getting to work in the same building as her husband — English teacher Ryan Anderson.

“We have two separate worlds,”Anderson said. She said she gets a laugh when her son asks why they are always talking about school. They met originally when they were working together in college,where she earned her degree in business management, along with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Anderson thanks the other secretaries in the office for making her transition easier.

“I really do enjoy the people I work with,“ she said.