Littering is inconveniencing students


Julia Gremaux , Photo Editor

There are many garbage cans scattered about the CMR campus — both inside and out. There are all different kinds: gray, painted, small, big, and even dumpsters. Yet the trash still stumbles its way across our campus.

Like a tumbleweed it goes from our lawn to our parking lots and then finally makes its peace against a fence somewhere. I can say that I have watched someone everyday do their best Kobe impression and miss the garbage. It was a good try, but then they don’t pick up their failed attempt after the fact.

Littering is a crime. You can be fined for up to $200 for one piece of trash, because we are on school grounds the punishment is lifted. Who is punished? The building engineers, who spend the time to pick up all the trash. Imagine what our campus would look like if the janitorial staff took a month off from picking up litter. We might be mistaken for a public dump instead of a pretty sufficient high school.

The most common material found during litter clean up is fast food garbage. The brown paper bags from McDonald’s, the foam cups from Sam’s Club, and the greasy mess left over from the occasional Taco Bell addict.

No, it is not a crime to feed the gawking seagulls in the parking lot your leftover French fries, but they don’t need the container they came in. That is for you to throw away on your way back into the school. There are many garbage cans are placed just for your convenience.