CMR math teacher shares passion for education

Mckenzie Connell, Staff Writer

Most parents see their children after school, but math teacher Jetta Slater gets to enjoy her son, sophomore Keaton Slater, during the school day.

“I enjoy it, but I am not sure he enjoys it,” she said with a smile.

Slater teaches math in room 304, and is able to teach a variety of math classes. This year, for the first time, an honors geometry is offered to sophomores, and she is the first teacher to be teaching it.

“My favorite part of geometry is mainly with the students, when the proof starts clicking,” she said. The hardest part for her, however, is trying to keep everyone in the same spot. It’s more difficult now with all the school-related absences, she added. But even with the challenges, teachings always been apart of her plan.

Slater double majored in German and math, so for some years she taught German at CMR along with her math classes.

“Teaching was something I always wanted to do.”