Julia Gremaux: the journey of a photographer

Sophie Aron , Staff Writer

When looking at college options, students tend to drift towards more traditional and well known colleges such as University of Montana and Montana State. Julia Gremaux, a senior at CMR, headed in a different direction to pursue her passion in photography.

Last week, Gremaux was accepted into the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, located in Missoula MT. RMSP, for short, was founded in 1989 by  Neil Chaput de Saintonge and his wife. They aim to help students pursue their dream of photography and also fall in love with Montana.

Gremaux will be participating in the professional intensive course in fall 2018. The program lasts for 8 months and teaches students a wide range of tips and knowledge in order for them to start up a career in photography. Although the school in not a degree-granting school, and instead students receive a certificate of completion, participants still become more experienced and knowledgeable in the world of photography.