German: An easy decision for Taylor Bobo

Holly Spragg and Sophie Aron

Being presented with a challenge is something that junior Taylor Bobo never shies away from.

“I always thought that French and Spanish were too easy and that German was more of a challenge,” Bobo said about what made her choose German as a foreign language. She finds the culture to be unique and different than that of America, which is another reason she decided to go with German.

Bobo has been taking the class for all three years of high school and is also a member of German Club, where she’s made many friends over the past few years. Although she will most likely be the only student in German 7-8, Bobo said she plans on finishing up her high school career next year with fourth year German.  

World languages are a staple class in almost every high school.  Some students take the class just for a credit or to get into a college. Some kids, however, want to do more with the language.. Bobo plans on using her German skills for her future career.

“I am going into archaeology, so German would come in handy in case I end up in Germany,” Bobo said.

Bobo added that if she had the opportunity to travel to a German-speaking country it would definitely be Germany.