Office Secretary exceeds expectations

Sophie Kluge and Maygie Li

Everyone loves a good underdog story, and Janette Kemph is the epitome of one. Kemph took the unconventional way out of high school. She got married right away and didn’t go to college until later in her life. In high school, however, she found her niche.

Kemph was the vice president of Business Professionals of America her senior year of high school and knew that she wanted to do secretarial work. In 1999, she transcribed for the U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery and has worked for them ever since. Besides working for the Navy and CMR, she has two other jobs. She transcribes for an attorney and keeps records for a tow truck company.

At CMR, she helps with National Honors Society and scholarship night.

“I make appointments for the counselors, manage pass runners, and enroll new students,” Kemph said. With four full-time jobs, Kemph does have one wish.

“I would love a four-day break so I can get more work done,” Kemph said, but then emphasizes how much she loves CMR and her position here.

Even though Kemph took the different way out of high school and into life, she said she is content with where she is at now, and wouldn’t change a thing.