Teacher is picking up what the NSTA is putting down


Quinn Soltesz, Staff Writer

Whenever a teacher is gone for a week, we all assume the worst. Are they sick? Family concerns? Will we still have that test on Thursday? For biology teacher Tom Cubbage, missing a week of school happens about three times a year.

Cubbage recently returned from the National Science Teachers Association’s Winter Board Meeting in Washington, D.C. Cubbage attends a few conferences every year, all averaging about a week long. He is the district director of the NSTA for Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. He reports to the national counsel that works to improve science education for all.

“We ask how we can make science education for students better, all the way from kindergarten through 12th grade,” he said.  

Cubbage has been a member of the NSTA since he began teaching, and became the district director two years ago. His job entails signing up people at conventions, coordinating activities at the state and local level, and making sure the states he oversees have proper science curriculums. This involves speaking with the state’s Public Board of Education.

Cubbage says he has learned many things over the years from various NSTA events.

“I’ve picked up a lot of teaching methods from workshops and other teachers,” he said.

Cubbage will soon attend the National Science Teachers Association’s National Convention. It will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, March 15-18.