Students in woods class prepare for finals


Photo by Grace Carr

Sophomore Blaise Varty works on his final project in Woods class on May 15.

While English classes finish their novels and science students are filling out their study guides, woods is trying not to lose a finger. Woods students are currently focusing on finishing their final projects with the help of teacher John Stewart, who has been teaching at CMR for 13 years.

“[For the final, students] build projects and take a short multiple choice test on safety and careers,” he said.

There is a large variety of projects being completed in the workshop.

Some projects are “a lot of furniture, outdoor furniture, entertainment centers, bed frames, [and] fishing nets,” Stewart said.

Junior Lorin Tingey is a student in Stewart’s Woods 3-4 class during 7th period. She took the Intro to Woods class freshman year and continued her junior year.

“[I’m building] a table for my cabin,” she said. “It has a checkerboard in the middle.”

Tingey has been working on this project roughly three months and said she has enjoyed the experience.

“I like building things, [and] it’s just fun. It’s different from other classes.””

— Lorin Tingey

“Mr. Stewart is really cool,” she said. “I like building things, [and] it’s just fun. It’s different from other classes.”

Tingey is not worried for the final and claims it’s “just cleaning the workroom.”