Rustler Pride

To be proud means you are happy with yourself or your achievements. Many students are proud of their accomplishments in sports, academics, etc. However, one student at CMR is part of the world-wide movement of LGBTQ pride.
Junior Zoe Fisher identifies as gay and has been to a couple of “Prides.” A pride is typically a public event in which members of the LGBTQ community display a celebration, most commonly a parade, of LGBTQ culture, history, and modern way of life. Supporters of the LGBTQ community are often in attendance as well.
“I have been to a pride in Helena and in Great Falls” she said. “My first pride was right after I came out, and I was super stoked. I went with my dad, and that was really a special moment.”
Fisher mentioned her coming out experience and offered some advice for those who are struggling.
“I would tell people that are questioning or maybe not out, that if you wanna come out, come out. If you don’t want to, don’t. If you are in any harm coming out, don’t come out. You have time after high school to be away from the people who may discriminate against you. You are going to grow up, but don’t give up because you are going to get there,” she said.
Fisher spoke about how being gay and a part of the LGBTQ community does not define her at all.
“I don’t like to be categorized, I just want to be me,” she said.
It is no secret that LGBTQ members are targets of discrimination and hate. Fisher spoke about the negative representation of the members. She added she was happy to be in an accepting school and community. However, she added that she would like to see more things catered to the LGBTQ community.
“I know we have a club, but I have never been because I am unable to find it,” Fisher said.
She said that she is happy to be herself, and if anyone has questions to just ask.
“I just assume that people know that I am gay, and if they are really generally interested they can come talk to me about it.”