Building in a computer language


Kaylebb Stahmer, Staff writer

Building things from the ground up with nothing but a language is a skill junior Chad Andersen learns every day in his fourth period independent study.

“I guess what I like about it is the ability to create things that I want to make and all you have to do is type a little bit on a computer,” he said.

While learning computer languages in classes, Andersen has been able to make a few projects that he’s proud of.

“I’m proud of the website I made for my web design class and the final project I did for python class, which was a video game kinda,” he said.

Andersen is currently taking an independent study to learn about C++ and Unity programming languages, which services his aspiration of wanting to go into the field of software design.

“ Last year I really enjoyed doing python…  C++ is really similar and I like it a lot. I’m not that big on HTML though, I don’t really like web design all that much.”