Tutoring service puts service learning to use


Photo by Stampede

Quinn Soltesz, Entertainment/Features editor

Every Monday after school in the Media Center at CMR, a few students come together to participate in service learning. Service learning is something that combines education with community service to provide a pragmatic learning environment while helping society.

Juniors Gail Parambi and Reagan Bishop embody this idea of service learning with their self-started, student-only tutoring service.

This service began in 2017 as Parambi wanted to give back, in some way to her school, and help younger students along the way.

“I wanted to serve my community in an effective way by reaching out to younger students who may need help with the transition into high school, just as I was helped,” Parambi said.

Students can seek help for all subjects in school. Tutors, primarily Parambi and Bishop and a few other rotating tutors, usually have a high ability in all academic subjects. Algebra, geometry, and chemistry are usually the subjects that most students need assistance in, according to Parambi.

“I would encourage anyone who wants to embolden themselves in service learning to pursue such an endeavor as it invariably leads to growth on all sides,” she said.