Anderson helps students grow

Logan Corn, Introduction to Journalism student

Whether they enjoy being around kids or helping young people grow as individuals, every teacher has a reason to teach. For freshman English teacher Ryan Anderson, it’s a little hard to narrow his reason for teaching down to the one thing he enjoys the most.

     “[There are] a lot of things I enjoy,” Anderson said about his favorite part of teaching.

     “Anything that gets students to do an activity and to actually watch them grow [are enjoyable] — like when you have a shy student and they’re able to grow and be able to speak in front of their peers,” he said.

     Ever since Anderson became a teacher at C. M. Russell High School in 2004. He has been helping freshmen expand their horizons while pushing them to do better. Being a coach in football and track helps him have a fun and friendly attitude that encourages his students to work hard and not worry about the possibility of screwing up.

     Anderson will continue to teach for years to come all the while getting his students to push the boundaries of their writing capabilities and have fun while working hard in their studies.